Longing for My Home Island 英語版:ふるさとにかえりたい

Longing for My Home Island 英語版:ふるさとにかえりたい



This is a documentary picture book to tell the children the truth of not only damages by nuclear tests, but also the beautiful islands of coral reef, people’s lives there and smiles of children on islands with plenty of pictures.
On March 1st, 1954, a nuclear test biggest ever in the history (Bravo hydrogen bomb) was carried out in the Bikini atoll of the Marshall Islands by the United States. People who lived in the Rongelap Atoll nearby were radiated by radioactive fallout directly, without any information of the experiment. Three years later, safe declaration was issued by the United States Government. They returned to the island, but the island remained contaminated with radiation. 28 years later (1985), they escaped from the home island by their own efforts. Now 60 years after the experiment they are prevented from coming back to their home island. The readers shall know that Japan is not the only country with suffers of nuclear radiation, but that there are sufferers of radiation by nuclear tests and nuclear power accidents.


Shimada Kousei(Photographs). Hanyuda Yuki(Text). Kodama Katsuya(Translation). Bikini-Fukushima Project(Cooperation)